What is remote and email tuning? Yes they are different, very different. Remote tuning allows Chris to access your personal laptop and you cars ecu just as if he was there with you but while you could be 10,000 miles away. We use an app known a steam viewer for this. We use this when the end user has a shop or access to a dyno and we can effectively tune the car just as if Chris was there with you. E­Tune/Email tune is the process of sending you a file and includes full datalogging support to dial in the modifications done to the vehicle. We will look at the logs and send revisions until the tune is dialed in for your vehicle. We require full disclosure of the modifications done to the vehicle and will review and suggest changes to be made (if required) before tuning the vehicle. This is to ensure that the vehicle will achieve proper goals and have the best driveability possible.

The price for Remote and Etune sessions is $600.

We also offer remote and email support for updates and minor changes and track support.

Email for rates.